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Friday, February 24, 2012

Quepos & Manuel Antoni

Made it to Quepos on Wednesday and it is now Friday I think... It is absolutely amazing!! Hiked through Manuel Antonio National park and saw some bats, monkeys, toucans, and very large sloths. Last night headed out to republik club and went dancing great times as well. Today headed to Manuel Antonio to the beach which is absolutely incredible and spent the entire day there. We then headed up to the El Avion for happy hour which I think down here is everday all day and watched the sunset into the Pacific. I think today I discovered the meaning of La Pura Vida. What a way to live life... Makes you wonder how you could live any other way. With that have a great night and weekend and Stay Thirsty my Friends!


  1. Happy to hear you're having a great time bro. Stay away from the monkeys and their creepy little human like hands.

    1. Yeah, when I was in Manuel Antonio the monkeys were just chilling in the trees above the bars at the beach. It's beautiful there!!! Don't get ripped off by getting snorkels.

  2. Sounds awesome buddy. Pura vida!