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Friday, March 30, 2012

Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru was a really interesting place. I stayed in the Miraflores district (the tourist district) at a few different spots. Puriwasi Hostel and Condor House prior to heading to Cuzco. If you are ever in Lima there are a few things I would definitely recommend that you do. Head to downtown before sunset and see the fountain show. It is called Circuito Magico and it is the most amazing fountain show I have ever seen. I know you're thinking it's just water coming out of the ground .... and all my submarine brothers are probably thinking that we've all seen or been surrounded by enough water what makes this so special? It was really amazing though. I've been trying to upload a video unsuccessfully due to bad wifi connections but will get it uploaded soon. There are a total of 18 different fountains. Some  you can walk through like a tunnel and some trap you like a prison. Others you can control with remotes and the show they put on at night is simply amazing. The other thing you should check out is the beaches. In the Miraflores district there is a rock beach. I don't mean a pebble beach like you can see in other parts of the world, but big smooth rocks the size of baseballs in bigger like ones you would see line a path in a garden or the woods possibly. It makes the most amazing sound when the water gets sucked back into the next oncoming wave. Also there is some pretty good surf throughout all of Peru. After Lima headed to Cuzco and Machu Pichu. I will post something separate for that. Check out these pictures from Lima: Lima, Peru Pictures

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Panama City

What is there to say about Panama City? It has been extremely modernized and has a huge international population especially those American's who were doing less than legal activities in the states where they felt more comfortable operating down there. I have to admit it was nice hanging out with some American's watching March Madness in a sports book. I was able to go do Casco Viejo, The Panama Canal and Al Cerro Ancon which were all very amazing things.  I got some great pictures which I'm trying to upload and will post a link later today. All in all had a great time in Panama City would have liked to make it outside the city more but am happy with what I saw. Thanks to Miguel my tour guide. If you end up in Panama City make sure to go to Casco Viejo maybe by the time you get there it won't be under as much reconstruction. Headed to Lima Peru on the 19th and will post something separate for that. If you like reading this please leave a comment public or private just curious who all is reading this.... Thanks to those who are writing I love hearing from you all. Buen Viaje Todo el mundo! (Safe Travels Everyone!)

Friday, March 16, 2012


Tamarindo was an amazing few days. I'm looking forward to my friends from their posting some pics to facebook because I don't think I remembered to take a single picture there, I was way too relaxed and having too much fun. Staying at Pura Vida Hostel was such a great time and I hope to meet up with my friends from there in the future. Maybe a reunion there in 2 years or so..... we shall see. I'm packed and about to head to the airport headed to Panama City for the weekend and then onto Lima, Peru. I'll update again in a few days.  Buen Viaje todo el mundo!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bocas Del Toro & now Tamarindo AKA Tamagringo

So went to Bocas Del Toro in Panama it was pretty cool and hit up Starfish beach with was called La Playa De las Estrellas and then headed towards La Isla de los pajaros, the island of the birds. Headed out the day before yesterday to San Jose and in San Jose went out with the bartender from my hostel with many people from Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Texas,   and we were out till about 430 in the morning it was amazing and the DJ's killed it at Club Vertigo with their trance music warming up the Imperial Festival. Moved on to Tamarindo AKA Tamagringo. I got here last night and then went out with my hostel mates last night and had a blast and of course they couldn't get me off the dance floor. I got home and then headed out for a 5 hour cruise where they let me drive the boat for an hour back. I was out with the Jersey shore girls having a blast. I am back at the hostel getting some dinner and getting ready for tonight. If you come to Tamarindo I highly recommend staying at the Pura Vida Hostel. My new goal in life is to become a Costa Rican Radio Announcer.... for now....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Punta Uva, Porto Viejo & Manzanillo

What an amazing plush jungle here on the caribbean coast of Costa Rica. I'm so glad I took the recommendations of fellow travelers to hit up this tropical paradise. I've been staying at the Walaba Hostel which is absolutely incredible. It is a hidden gem in Punta Uva. It's a big house/ bungalow. I hope you don't mind sleeping outside because you may have a bed but there are no walls in this hostel. It's been pouring rain over the past few nights which makes amazing sounds on the steel roof. The staff is great and yesterday rented a bike and rode down to a few beaches one in Manzanillo and one in Punta Uva. I'm taking off today for Bocas Del Toro in Panama and will be there for a little while I think?

Monday, March 5, 2012

I made the Paper! I'm Famous!

Check out this link to a story in the Sacramento Bee. You all can afford to do a trip like this if you want.

Arenal, La Fortuna

La Fortuna what a cool town. We were there last Thursday and Friday and had a great time. On Thursday just walked around and chilled around the town and had some beers. Met some folks at the Hostel where we were staying which was Backpackers Arenal which was a very nice hostel with A/C very nice thing to have in Costa Rica. On Friday we went ziplining and horse back riding. It was so much fun. One of the zipline cables was 980 Meters almost a kilometer long. Got going about 50 KM/Hour. After that went up to the Baldi Hot Springs and almost killed myself on these crazy water slides. I think I literally flipped upside down in the tube. Got John off to the Airport on Sunday and stayed the night in San Jose. Now I'm traveling solo for a few weeks before I meet up with my friend in Peru. I had convinced myself to attempt to only speak in Spanish for the next few days to practice more but rode out to Porto Viejo with a van full of Americans who were very interested in my trip which is awesome. I hope they all take a career break it's been amazing so far and keeps getting better.  I just made it into Punta Uva which is about 5 Km outside of Porto Viejo, I'm staying at the Walaba Hostel and Beach Houses. I'm on the top floor of this bungalow in a bunk room that looks very comforatable and the bunk looks ready for me to take a siesta. I'll be here for a few days and then will figure it out. Ultimately working my way down into Panama where I will fly out of to get to Peru. I hope you all are enjoying reading this as I enjoy writing these and reliving these amazing memories. Keep in touch and drop me a line to say hi or leave a comment. Pura Vida!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Headed to Montezuma last Sunday and I think today is Thursday. It's very nice not worrying about what day of the week it is. Montezuma was amazing spent 4 nights there hanging out at the beach eating some great food and drinking some tasty beverages. Met 2 Austrians Willy and Martin who I look forward to partying with more in Vienna when I'm there this summer. The majority of people I have met traveling on my trip are Canadians. It's a trip I'm trying to figure out if they are all out of the country traveling who is actually there staying holding down the fort. Hiked to the Montezuma Waterfall which was amazing and then hiked up the difficult way to get up to the top pools. Found the easier way up when we exited from the top pool. If you are to visit Montezuma I recommend going to Cocolores which is a great restaurant and having segundo desayuno's. It's the Cat's Ass!! I am now in La Fortuna at a hostel and am going ziplining tomorrow through the canopy. Then onward from there. La Pura Vida!!