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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Panama City

What is there to say about Panama City? It has been extremely modernized and has a huge international population especially those American's who were doing less than legal activities in the states where they felt more comfortable operating down there. I have to admit it was nice hanging out with some American's watching March Madness in a sports book. I was able to go do Casco Viejo, The Panama Canal and Al Cerro Ancon which were all very amazing things.  I got some great pictures which I'm trying to upload and will post a link later today. All in all had a great time in Panama City would have liked to make it outside the city more but am happy with what I saw. Thanks to Miguel my tour guide. If you end up in Panama City make sure to go to Casco Viejo maybe by the time you get there it won't be under as much reconstruction. Headed to Lima Peru on the 19th and will post something separate for that. If you like reading this please leave a comment public or private just curious who all is reading this.... Thanks to those who are writing I love hearing from you all. Buen Viaje Todo el mundo! (Safe Travels Everyone!)


  1. I'm reading it. Loving it. Keep it coming!

  2. Also, post more pictures. Godspeed kiddo.

  3. im reading too! it's been great to get these updates.